Let’s dive in

Hi All !!

For those that are new, and those that have followed me over from my ‘life blog’ page at fimum23.wordpress.com, WELCOME !!!

I am so beyond excited, and a little relieved, that I have finally jumped in with 2 feet (one of which is slightly broken at present, but we’ll get to that later.) and headed down the ministry path that God has marked out for me.  I have been receiving the prompting for some months now, but didn’t feel I had 100% confirmation.  Well, I certainly received that confirmation (or rather a big ole shove in the backside with the boot of God. lol) between the hours of midnight and 3am this morning.

In true Fi style, I wanted confirmation upon confirmation, so I asked the Lord to have a couple of Godly friends back the idea… and low and beyond, by 10.10am this morning I’d received those 2 confirmations.  Isn’t God just simply amazing !!!

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Ok… so a super quick run down on me… My name is Fiona.. known to most as Fi.  I am married to a pretty handsome bloke I met in a bank line 24yrs ago.  We have 3 gorgeous, sometimes frustrating (hey, no-one’s perfect. lol) teens, aged 13, 16 & 17.  My life blog over at fimum23 has been a fairly broad blog spanning the last 6yrs, encompassing family life, travel adventures, our homeschooling years, the journey throughout our son’s ADHD diagnosis, my health & fitness journey, as well as the end of my Dad’s life, his passing and the grief that followed.  While I will still continue that blog for those broader topics, God has been preparing and equipping me to undertake a ministry where I mesh the two greatest passions I have… one being my relationship with Him, and the second being mine & my family’s health & fitness.   He was pointing out to me that there is a real gap in this area.. I mean, you can find a zillion (slight exaggeration) health and fitness ‘experts’ who can educate you to a really high standard, but the only person I could find who brought their fitness life and their relationship with the Lord together, was Candace Cameron Bure.   Her books, Reshaping it all, Balancing it all, Dancing through Life, Staying Stylish & Kind is the new classy have really spoken to me. I feel I can really relate to her because of these shared passions.   I’d highly recommend all of these reads.

To give you a run-down of my health & fitness, I have been on a semi-serious fitness journey for coming up on 6yrs now, a journey that had a dramatic shift a year ago when it changed from a journey.. and became a PERMANENT LIFESTYLE CHOICE !! The easiest way I can explain it is that I was on ‘diets’, or I’d ‘set goals’ and I’d always see results, and pretty much always reach the set goals…  but what happened when there wasn’t a ‘goal’ ahead? (eg.. a wedding, a 40th b’day, a holiday) . It became easy to backslide.  I have found that, for me at least, it’s best if it’s not attached to a reason, or an event…..  it needs to be an ALWAYS thing.  Now, don’t get me wrong, do I still set goals for myself?? Of course I do… but that’s just a little extra incentive in the event that I feel I need a little extra.   For me though, accountability is enough 99% of the time.

The 1%, the ‘off’ time, is those times when we’re ‘just not feeling it’…  we’re sick, or tired… or just plain ‘sick n tired’ of life.  (We ALL have those times… especially with 3 teens, one hormonal mother & one sometimes cranky Dad.🤣)

It was also a game changer to come to the realisation that it’s not actually just about making that number on the scales smaller, but rather being healthy in body, mind & soul as a package deal.  Having a healthy body is not only determined by what the scale says.. and it certainly can’t be compared to others as a benchmark.

I have used the #respectthetemple hashtag for a long time now, but in the last 12months, it’s really come home for me that the hashtag, those words, mean far more than a snappy slogan saying Fi uses to explain why I’m doing, or not doing a particular thing.

We have been given the bodies we have.. the temples we reside in, by our Heavenly Father to wisely steward (manage or look after).  We have jobs to do in out time here, and to do those jobs to the absolute best of our ability, we need to be as healthy as we can possibly be.

Yes, this requires work.. but hey, anything good does !! And if you’re anything like me, whether you’re already on a #respectthetemple path, or want to be, you’ll find that you’ll come to love and crave your workouts, the healthy eating, and generally caring more about you health as a whole.

And seeing that your mental health is encompassed in the whole ‘health package’, we need to feel confident in our own skin too, and that’s why things like personal care, styling, beauty care all come into play in the whole picture.

So, I’m going to aim to cover the whole picture within this blog.  Am I feeling crazy confident??  Um, NO !! But I have 120% confidence that the Lord has equipped me for this, so I’m surging forwards with that confidence onboard.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, give feedback etc etc. I really want to hear from you.

Oh.. and the slightly broken foot comment…  I kinda sorta might have broken my foot on a walk last Sunday night with the hubster.  They’re calling it as broken and have told me to use a moonboot and crutches, but they also said that if the bone is actually broken, it’s positioned in such a way that nothing I do can move it or stop it’s healing.  I haven’t had a huge amount of pain, just discomfort, so I’ve worn the boot as much as I can, but seem to be able to walk around on it with no pain etc.   I’m heading to fracture clinic Monday morning, so hopefully a new xray will clarify.  I’m praying it’s a strain rather than a break.. but no fear.. God’s totally got this !!

OK..  looking forward to the road ahead with you all.

Much love and blessings . xox




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