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Thankfulness vs Pridefulness

Hi all,

I’ve been thinking on this topic a little of late, so thought I’d share some thoughts with you.

I first started really thinking on this due to the 30day squat challenge I’m currently doing.  I’m on day 29, so basically finished, but I said in my insta post today that I was ‘quite proud of myself’ for having reached this point and having done EVERY day’s set amount of squats.  As I said in the post, I really did wonder if I’d give the tick that I’d done the amount for that day, when maybe I hadn’t quite done the total.


I thought this, not out of a fear of laziness on my part, but the fact that when, on day 1, and only 50 squats were required,  I’d look forward to those big numbers of over 100 for most days, & wonder if I’d achieve that every single day.

To be where I am now, one day from the end, and having achieved every day’s amount is quite amazing to me.  I’m blown away by what my body has achieved.

As I’ve said before, I do love accountability… it drives me, keeps me focused and on track…  so these types of challenges are really great for me…. and making them public just cements my desire to achieve it.  But not so that I can hear ‘well done’ from others… but so that they can maybe see themselves doing the same, achieving similar benefits etc.

So, this is what lead me to the train of though in regards to accomplishment.. and whether being proud of your achievements is showing a lack of humility.

We know that being humble is a BIG BIG BIG part of being a follower of Christ.  In order to become a Christian, we need to be humble enough to admit we’re a sinner, die to self, love our neighbour as ourselves.. and heaven forbid (🤣) , love our enemies.    It’s hard to do those things if you are prideful.

When we think, and being right in that thought, that being prideful is a sin… then what do we do in a situation where we feel proud of an accomplishment?  I think the key is to constantly remember that we only achieve the things we do, in and through the strength of our Saviour.  Several days of this squat challenge I remember verbally thanking Jesus for giving me the strength to actually do some 200+ squats, as there have been days when I simply could not have done it on my own strength.

I particularly think of a day late last week when I had a bad head cold.  I am still amazed, looking back, that I still did the amount for that day.  Thankfully though, the absolute worst day of the head cold did happen to be a rest day in the challenge (Praise Jesus !).

Another important distinction is that having DElIGHT in your achievements is not being prideful… knowing that your work will result in further good things is something to delight in.  Delighting in the fact that your body has achieved something you doubted , or didn’t know, it could do, is also recognising the amazing God created body that you are blesssed to have.  The fine line though would be if you are delighting in others NOTICING your achievements.

“So I saw that there is nothing better than that a man should rejoice in his work, for that is his lot,” (Ecc. 3:22).

To clarify, we need to pull that apart a little, as if we enjoy others raving about our achievements simply because we like others to think well of us, than that’s pride right there.. but if others can gain by witnessing our accomplishments, than that is furthering God’s work through us.

Another big thing .. and one that seems to be a very notable point with me, is the difference between Thankfulness and entitlement.  I’m not entitled to a strong, healthy body that allows me to achieve these things… I am THANKFUL to have a strong healthy body that can achieve these things.  Constantly finding the path that leads back to Jesus is your sure fire way to stay humble.

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD,” (Job 1:21).

Blessings peeps

Respect the temple





In a great headspace !!

As I was walking Cooper this afternoon for his normal late afternoon walk, it occurred to me, that other than the sometimes yuckiness of life….  hormonal teenage outbursts, middle aged husband emotions (😂),  continuing to grieve my Dad, the still unreconciled extended family situation, plus normal ‘life’ stuggles…  my life is in a really fantastic place.  I know that this is all because of Jesus, our ultimate peacemaker.

 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

I‘m very blessed to have pretty much always had a very strong surety when it comes to my faith.  I don’t struggle with doubt, or unbelief in any areas…  and I KNOW, beyond a shadow of doubt, that this strength in my faith is what places me in this great place in life.  If I made the mistake of looking at things logically, maybe I’d struggle to not get depressed about it.  BUT, I know that God’s plans are the BEST plans, so even when something doesn’t happen, or not happen, when I think it should….  or something doesn’t come together that I wished had…. or God pushes me down a pathway I was hesitant (understatement) to go…  I have the confidence in knowing that God’s got this !!

What I was most thinking about when this came to me on my walk this afternoon was my health and fitness journey.  I know I covered this in the last blog, but I’m really finding the social media outlets not only a tool of accountability, but a great encouragement.

I had to buy 3 major pieces of equipment in order to dive into this ministry that God has for me….  when the 2nd arrived a couple of days ago, I said to my husband… “This is getting real, when the 3rd package arrives, I actually have to do this.”  Like I said in the last blog.. exciting, but scary !!  🖥📸💜🏃🏽‍♀️

Another thing that had me pondering where I’m at, is the people that we’re surrounded by.  It’s a no brainer that we do our best when championed on by loved ones and friends.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  Proverbs 27:17

I’m very blessed to have really wonderful people around me, but like most people, I also have those around me that are kinda hoping I fail….  those that think this is just a faze.. and I’ll just go back to the unhealthy weight and food choices that were my life 3+years ago.  I also have people in my life who choose to see something about me that simply isn’t me.   All I can say about that is…hey… haters gonna hate.  Move on, but pray for them like crazy.. coz happy people want the best for others… unhappy, or damaged people… do not.  So, whatever way you look at it, those that maybe don’t champion you on in your life….  or worse, outright speak negatively about you..  need our prayers more than anyone else.  


Back to the possibility of back tracking in fitness… even if solely for physical comfort, I’d need to stay off dairy and big amounts of meat intake…..  which is a BIG part of having a healthy body…. so even if I were to let the physical exercise go, I’d still be far healthier than I was previously.  Having said that, I kinda LOVE my walks, my workouts, my clothes (😂), so I can’t see me going away from this healthy lifestyle.


In order to keep it real, I’m not saying I never get down… coz man, I do !  I was in a real funk a couple of days ago for an evening and a day… and I just couldn’t explain it… It was near the anniversary of my Dad going Home to the Lord, but I really didn’t think it was that.. it was different….  and low and beyond.. the dreaded monthlies arrived today… so waa laa… explanation found !!  🤔

On this front, I actually received a letter with a surgery date for my much dreaded Hysterectomy, but as it was going to clash with my daughter’s 18th b’day & party, I had to let them know I couldn’t do that date… so back onto the waitlist I go.  Heartbroken?? NOT

As it’s Easter Saturday (is that actually an offical thing?? I don’t think so.. but anyway)… so in just 17mins… it’ll be the time my Dad went Home on Easter Saturday 2017.  Last year, it was rough, as easter fell BEFORE the date of the anniversary, but his year, it’s already passed, so it seems a lot easier.  However, I”m choosing to not dwell on it, so there’s that.

In regards to my blog pages, I’ll just let you all know that I will be consolidating my two pages.  I’m halfway through blogging my Europe trip with my sister last year, so I’ll finish that off before wrapping the page up… but after that, this will be my main blog page, so as to best facilitate this new health, wellness and fitness ministry.

My entire homeschooling journey, as well as Master 14s ADHD diagnosis & journey are over on Lovely Shiloh, as well as travel blogs, preparing for and then grieving the loss of my Dad.. and general life.  Feel free to go check them out, but there’s 248 blogs over there as we go live…..  so just a bit of reading for you.  Here is the link.  😀

I’m wondering if there’s a way to make a copy of all blogs…  without literally printing them all out.. if anyone knows of a way, please tell me, as I’d love to do that.

OK..    that’s it for now.

Blessings Peeps.  xox



Something’s in the pipeline

Hi all.

It’s cooling down here in Brisbane, which is great !!  Getting out to walk/run, or even just doing a workout in general is just so much more enjoyable.  I kinda (like a LOT) hate being hot.   So, PRAISE GOD for Autumn !!


As you all know, I’m on a journey of being more obedient to the Holy Spirit and allowing him to work through me with my passion for Health & fitness.  As I revealed in my previous blog, I’ve started a instagram, solely for my health & fitness posts.  Check it out here if you haven’t already.  I have been blown away by the response, and what an encouragement it has been to me.

(For those already following, I did have to rebrand ever so slightly, as the original was just too close to the Fab Fit Fun box company.  Whoopsie ! )

Back to the obedience journey…  some equipment has been purchased, leaps of faith have been made, and confidence found that I didn’t realise I had.   Not too sure when I’ll fully reveal this particular Holy Spirit prompting… but I’ll say it’s BIG.. and it’s something I NEVER thought I’d ever be doing.

I’m so reminded of Isaiah 54:2 Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.

It’s actually really fun (while also being scary) to 100% get onboard with God’s plans for you.  Like I said, I’m being taken down paths I never thought I’d trod….  and learning so much on the way.  Making new friends, learning new skills…  moving my tent pegs out further.  

Another passage that was highlighted for me these past few weeks… which I really think has basically became the mantra of my life 3 years ago, is I Corinthians 9:26-27 So I do not run aimlessly; I do not box as one beating the air.  But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.  

Now, HELLO.. if that isn’t some accountability scripture right there, I don’d know what is.    Ever since I put my very first health and fitness related blog up 3years ago (read it here), I was very aware that I was making myself more accountable in that area.   I knew that while any info I shared was all to do with me, my journey, my experiences etc etc, there were other people that would quite possibly take the suggestions on, or make similar changes in their lives.

The responsibility of this did not go un-noticed by me.  I wouldn’t call it a weight, but it is a constant ‘presence’.. something for me to constantly bear in mind.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 is a constant reminder for me of what I ultimately need to be doing in my health & fitness outreach.  Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.  and Proverbs 27:17  also reminds me that I’M actually being helped greatly throughout this journey, as I connect with others who are likeminded Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

I’d really love your prayers as I walk further down this new path.  It’s exciting, but it’s also nerve racking..  so yes, any prayers would be appreciated.

Blessings Peeps !!






Follow me on Insta

Hi all… just a super quick post tonight… In continuing to be obedient in following Holy Spirit prompting, I have started up an Instagram page solely for my health, fitness and beauty posts.

So far, it’s been pretty encouraging, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m actually finding it to also be a fantastic accountability tool.

So… search for me .. Fab_fit_fi on Instagram. I’d love to bless you guys with meal inspiration, fitness tricks & tips, recipes, beauty products that I love.. and basically anything else the Lord lays on my heart to share.

And yep… I know.. I need to dedicate more time to this blog… arrgghhh… man, there’s not enough hours in the day.

Blessings peeps.

Let’s dive in

Hi All !!

For those that are new, and those that have followed me over from my ‘life blog’ page at, WELCOME !!!

I am so beyond excited, and a little relieved, that I have finally jumped in with 2 feet (one of which is slightly broken at present, but we’ll get to that later.) and headed down the ministry path that God has marked out for me.  I have been receiving the prompting for some months now, but didn’t feel I had 100% confirmation.  Well, I certainly received that confirmation (or rather a big ole shove in the backside with the boot of God. lol) between the hours of midnight and 3am this morning.

In true Fi style, I wanted confirmation upon confirmation, so I asked the Lord to have a couple of Godly friends back the idea… and low and beyond, by 10.10am this morning I’d received those 2 confirmations.  Isn’t God just simply amazing !!!

View More:

Ok… so a super quick run down on me… My name is Fiona.. known to most as Fi.  I am married to a pretty handsome bloke I met in a bank line 24yrs ago.  We have 3 gorgeous, sometimes frustrating (hey, no-one’s perfect. lol) teens, aged 13, 16 & 17.  My life blog over at fimum23 has been a fairly broad blog spanning the last 6yrs, encompassing family life, travel adventures, our homeschooling years, the journey throughout our son’s ADHD diagnosis, my health & fitness journey, as well as the end of my Dad’s life, his passing and the grief that followed.  While I will still continue that blog for those broader topics, God has been preparing and equipping me to undertake a ministry where I mesh the two greatest passions I have… one being my relationship with Him, and the second being mine & my family’s health & fitness.   He was pointing out to me that there is a real gap in this area.. I mean, you can find a zillion (slight exaggeration) health and fitness ‘experts’ who can educate you to a really high standard, but the only person I could find who brought their fitness life and their relationship with the Lord together, was Candace Cameron Bure.   Her books, Reshaping it all, Balancing it all, Dancing through Life, Staying Stylish & Kind is the new classy have really spoken to me. I feel I can really relate to her because of these shared passions.   I’d highly recommend all of these reads.

To give you a run-down of my health & fitness, I have been on a semi-serious fitness journey for coming up on 6yrs now, a journey that had a dramatic shift a year ago when it changed from a journey.. and became a PERMANENT LIFESTYLE CHOICE !! The easiest way I can explain it is that I was on ‘diets’, or I’d ‘set goals’ and I’d always see results, and pretty much always reach the set goals…  but what happened when there wasn’t a ‘goal’ ahead? (eg.. a wedding, a 40th b’day, a holiday) . It became easy to backslide.  I have found that, for me at least, it’s best if it’s not attached to a reason, or an event…..  it needs to be an ALWAYS thing.  Now, don’t get me wrong, do I still set goals for myself?? Of course I do… but that’s just a little extra incentive in the event that I feel I need a little extra.   For me though, accountability is enough 99% of the time.

The 1%, the ‘off’ time, is those times when we’re ‘just not feeling it’…  we’re sick, or tired… or just plain ‘sick n tired’ of life.  (We ALL have those times… especially with 3 teens, one hormonal mother & one sometimes cranky Dad.🤣)

It was also a game changer to come to the realisation that it’s not actually just about making that number on the scales smaller, but rather being healthy in body, mind & soul as a package deal.  Having a healthy body is not only determined by what the scale says.. and it certainly can’t be compared to others as a benchmark.

I have used the #respectthetemple hashtag for a long time now, but in the last 12months, it’s really come home for me that the hashtag, those words, mean far more than a snappy slogan saying Fi uses to explain why I’m doing, or not doing a particular thing.

We have been given the bodies we have.. the temples we reside in, by our Heavenly Father to wisely steward (manage or look after).  We have jobs to do in out time here, and to do those jobs to the absolute best of our ability, we need to be as healthy as we can possibly be.

Yes, this requires work.. but hey, anything good does !! And if you’re anything like me, whether you’re already on a #respectthetemple path, or want to be, you’ll find that you’ll come to love and crave your workouts, the healthy eating, and generally caring more about you health as a whole.

And seeing that your mental health is encompassed in the whole ‘health package’, we need to feel confident in our own skin too, and that’s why things like personal care, styling, beauty care all come into play in the whole picture.

So, I’m going to aim to cover the whole picture within this blog.  Am I feeling crazy confident??  Um, NO !! But I have 120% confidence that the Lord has equipped me for this, so I’m surging forwards with that confidence onboard.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, give feedback etc etc. I really want to hear from you.

Oh.. and the slightly broken foot comment…  I kinda sorta might have broken my foot on a walk last Sunday night with the hubster.  They’re calling it as broken and have told me to use a moonboot and crutches, but they also said that if the bone is actually broken, it’s positioned in such a way that nothing I do can move it or stop it’s healing.  I haven’t had a huge amount of pain, just discomfort, so I’ve worn the boot as much as I can, but seem to be able to walk around on it with no pain etc.   I’m heading to fracture clinic Monday morning, so hopefully a new xray will clarify.  I’m praying it’s a strain rather than a break.. but no fear.. God’s totally got this !!

OK..  looking forward to the road ahead with you all.

Much love and blessings . xox