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HomeSchool Day 612 // ISO // Stage 1 coming

Hi all.  We are on the homestretch (sob sob) of homeschool days as my Grade 10er returns to school on the 25th… and my Senior has already been back at school all this week.  I’m not gonna lie, I keep looking for him as I’m moving about the house… I just got so used to having them home.

It’s gotten rather quiet, rather quickly, as with Covid19 restrictions beginning to lift, this meant the reopening of the airfield where my Husband keeps his planes…. That meant Bye Bye Husband most days.  He’s deep in a job to do something or rather by way of alterations in one of his 2 ultralight planes… so he’s thoroughly enjoying being aloud to be back into that.  However, it means that we went from all 5 of us home all day every day, to 2 (funnily enough, the 2 physically biggest people. lol) not being here.  Add to the that a certain 19yr old who lives the night owl lifestyle and sleeps until noon every day, and you end up with a very, very quiet house in the morning hours.

James is here in the study, working diligently (although I’m fairly sure he has Roblox on an ‘Alt tab’ screen for the odd random play.. naughty naughy)  I’ve received several emails telling me how well he’s working, and engaging with his teachers.. so it must be all ok.  (we can only hope).

I’m usually flitting all over the house between 9-11am…  collecting & sorting dirty laundry, putting loads on, cleaning up the house etc etc…  Come 11am, it’s usually time to hit the PC and get working….  editing, blogs (ok, maybe some FB & insta).. but generally it’s a good few hours of solid work time, which is great… and was harder to get done when everyone was here.

I really wish I’d blogged more during this whole Covid thing…  even just for my own records… how it effected/didn’t effect us etc etc.  I see those in other countries where it is mandatory to wear a mask when going out…  We don’t have anything like that, but we do have markings all over the store floors to indicate how far apart we need to be… how far we need to stand back from a counter etc.  It’s weird though… you don’t realise what seems normal to you, until you need to do it differently and it feels so strange.  Even something as simple as standing at a cash register to pay for something,  where you need to be standing behind the taped line….  such a simple thing.. but I’d normally stand up against the counter.. probably touching it too…  and never even though about it.  The ‘new normal’ is gonna be interesting.. let’s just say that shall we.

Stage 1 kicks in at midnight tonight.. its a Friday today, so just in time for the weekend.  We can now travel up to 150kms away from our home, can gather in groups up to 10, can get our nails done (& other beauty treatments etc), meet with a friend for coffee (and actually sit at a table in a café.. as long as there is no more than 10 people in there at any one time).  As of last weekend actually, they opened up bushwalking trails & national parks.. which is a BIG thing for our family, as it’s exactly what we like to do.

They’ve also opened up Moreton, Stradbroke & Fraser island, which will be BIG news for boaties & boating families.  Fraser has actually been on our ‘to do list’ for so long… we realy should do it, seeing as it seems (& for very good reason) that interstate travel won’t happen for a good while.. and international travel for a quite a long while.  I actually read an article yesterday that talked about international travel not starting back up until 2023… I find that one a little hard to believe, but who knows.

There’s talk that we might form a Australia/NZ bubble long before any other international travel comes back into play. I think this is a great idea, as their numbers per capita have been very similar to ours.  Plus NZ is stinking gorgeous and we can’t wait to go back !!!

I celebrated my 1yr birthday as a YouTuber on April 30.  I had some great plans for it before this all happened.  Of course, pretty much nothing happened for it with the restrictions we had in place at that time.  Maybe I’ll have a 13mth celebration.

On the whole though, my life didn’t change too much, as many stay at home Mum’s daily lives wouldn’t have changed.  I had to adjust to everyone being at home.. and learning to still get everything done around them all… but in general.. not that different.  Because I don’t drive.. and walking for exercise was never restricted… not a lot changed for me.  I still walk to the shops for things I need, do my exercise.. and that’s about it.  I can’t lie though, I do miss the church like crazy….  Church at Home is great, but it’s the fellowship of after church each week that I miss.

Sadly, we don’t even know when this can resume, as even Stage 3, due to begin in July, only allows for a gathering of 100.  Maybe they’ll look at more services, or some sort of roster situation.. who knows.    Zoom has been great though…  lifegroup has been going on.. we’ll have one tonight actually.  It’s a fantastic way of staying in touch and up to date with how people are etc.  It’s pretty easy for a relationship to fizz out when you don’t have any visual contact.

It’s not too hard to stay positive though.  Looking back, I only struggled in the very first week we were in ISO… but once we settled in.. it was all good.. and it easy to see different ways that God was using this pandemic to bring about some great things.  Not to mention that the things we weren’t/aren’t allowed to do weren’t actually necessary anyway (Jobs aside I mean).

It’s strange to know this time will forever be ‘a thing’.  We’ll talk about ‘during Covid19’ and ‘pre & post Covid19’.   The current situation has brought out some fantastic debates too…. yes, often bringing out the worst in people… but it’s also a great way to discover a person’s different point of view… and maybe learn something from it.

I do have some pretty strong standpoints on some of the issues, and maybe I’ll ‘put some down on paper’ here on my blog site…. but we’ll see.    Things like vaccines, natural health, politics & our ‘rights’ in society tend to become very tricky topics to discuss, as there are sooo many opinions on them.  I’ll be praying about it, and then decide what to blog about.

I hope you’re all doing great, and enjoying this enforced family time… coz I sure have.

Love & Blessings


HomeSchool Day 595… Wait, What ??

No, it’s not 2016…  it’s April 22nd, 2020.  At times of late, we appear to be living in the twilight zone.   We are currently on ‘Stay Home’ day 31 in the Pandemic called Covid19.


Celebrating our son’s 15th b’day with family on March 21st was our last allowable get together.  Even that was originally to be held at his favorite place.. the skating rink… but there was already a fair bit of concern due to this virus, so it was decided that we’d just have the celebration at home.  Poor James, we probably should have still done it, as only 2days later, all sporting was shut down until further notice.

Fast forward roughly a month… and here we are… living this new ‘normal’.  We are only allowed up to 2 visitors to our house at any one time.. everything, unless deemed essential, is closed…  When we go to the grocery store, it’s supposed to be on our own, without any un-necessary people with us.  Doing a weekly or fortnightly grocery shop can be difficult, as there are restrictions in place on things like toilet paper, canned goods, hand sanitizer, soap, pasta & flour.

(Yes, most of this info is for recording purposes… for those reading this much, much later…  as of course any one reading it right now is living this exact same reality.)


We actually are starting on the possibly rather slow road out of this situation…  but to back up just a tad….  a thought that’s been at the forefront of my mind for weeks now… is how strange it is that 99% of people around the world right now.. no matter where they live… are living through this exact same situation.  As I follow so many vloggers around the world, but particularly in the US, Europe and the UK, it’s NEVER happened before where we are all dealing with the exact same thing at the exact same time.

In Nov/Dec 2019 & into Jan 2020 in Australia, we were dealing with horrific bushfires.  People’s lives were forever changed…  and 451 lives were lost.   Also in December 2019, 21 lives were lost on White Island in NZ after a volcanic eruption.   In March of 2019, more than 900 lives were lost as a result of a Typhoon in Africa.  A heat wave in July took 90 lives in India.  A typhoon in Japan took 86 lives in October.  In August, a typhoon took 172 lives in China.  In February of 2018, 17 lives were lost in a high school shooting in the US.

ALL of these events (& the many more that happened.) understandably bring about an array of emotions too long to list…lives are effected beyond recognition, economies are effected, people’s livelihoods are effected… entire communities are brought together in solidarity.  The thing is though, in the past, we’re normally hearing about it in the news as a situation happening in another place in the world…. or we’re in the thick of living through a situation in our own country.

But THIS Covid19 pandemic….  we’re ALL IN THIS TOGETHER  (Yes, queue the High School Musical melody) !!  When I communicate with friends in other countries…. they’re experiencing the EXACT SAME THING.  They are ‘safe at home’ too.  They struggle to find toilet paper supplies in stores too…  they are missing their loved ones too… & getting their head around the fact that their kids are also now learning from home.    There’s something about the ‘community‘ of the whole world right now.

We aren’t just empathising or sympathising with someone else going through a tough time…  we’re all dealing with it.. and can be understanding of others feelings like never before.


So, with all this in mind…. I’m really thankful for this time (even with it’s difficulties).  I have had a month of time with my family…. no one is going to school, work, church, socialising or sports…  yes, it’s not always fun & roses…..  but in general, I think it’s a real gift we’ve received.  As I was saying to my husband on our walk n talk last night…. NOTHING that is restricted right now is actually NEEDED !!  As much as I want my nails done… and to sit at a restaurant for date night.. or coffee with my friends….  or walk along the beach…. or watch my son speedskate/play soccer…  we CAN survive without all those things.. especially when we know we’re saving lives by doing without them.

As of yesterday arv, some of the restrictions are beginning to lift.  They don’t seem big ones, but for some, they’ll be HUGE, life changing things.  IVF has been removed from the restrictions, as have cataract surgery & procedures for children….  elective surgeries at certain levels can now go ahead.. things like hip & knee replacements.  It does mean that a whole lot of medical staff will be able to return to work, which is a great thing.

There is literally no way we can ever express our gratitude to those in the health profession… not just the doctors and nurses, but cleaners, receptionists, pathologists.. and so many more.  And to teachers/professors and school/uni staff….  they need our thanks beyond measure for the ‘above and beyond’ work ethic they’re applying to this new challenge.  In only a couple of weeks, they had to learn/create & implement a completely new way of learning.


We can already see the light at the end of the tunnel of this ‘invisible enemy’, as Trump likes to call it…  but I think we should also acknowledge the absolute GIFT that Covid19 gave us.  TIME with our families, APPRECIATION for our health & teaching profession…  the CLARITY we received when we realised what was really important.. and LOVE for each other as we battle the same situation.

Love & Blessings  xox


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Deuteronomy 31:6