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HomeSchool Day 595… Wait, What ??

No, it’s not 2016…  it’s April 22nd, 2020.  At times of late, we appear to be living in the twilight zone.   We are currently on ‘Stay Home’ day 31 in the Pandemic called Covid19.


Celebrating our son’s 15th b’day with family on March 21st was our last allowable get together.  Even that was originally to be held at his favorite place.. the skating rink… but there was already a fair bit of concern due to this virus, so it was decided that we’d just have the celebration at home.  Poor James, we probably should have still done it, as only 2days later, all sporting was shut down until further notice.

Fast forward roughly a month… and here we are… living this new ‘normal’.  We are only allowed up to 2 visitors to our house at any one time.. everything, unless deemed essential, is closed…  When we go to the grocery store, it’s supposed to be on our own, without any un-necessary people with us.  Doing a weekly or fortnightly grocery shop can be difficult, as there are restrictions in place on things like toilet paper, canned goods, hand sanitizer, soap, pasta & flour.

(Yes, most of this info is for recording purposes… for those reading this much, much later…  as of course any one reading it right now is living this exact same reality.)


We actually are starting on the possibly rather slow road out of this situation…  but to back up just a tad….  a thought that’s been at the forefront of my mind for weeks now… is how strange it is that 99% of people around the world right now.. no matter where they live… are living through this exact same situation.  As I follow so many vloggers around the world, but particularly in the US, Europe and the UK, it’s NEVER happened before where we are all dealing with the exact same thing at the exact same time.

In Nov/Dec 2019 & into Jan 2020 in Australia, we were dealing with horrific bushfires.  People’s lives were forever changed…  and 451 lives were lost.   Also in December 2019, 21 lives were lost on White Island in NZ after a volcanic eruption.   In March of 2019, more than 900 lives were lost as a result of a Typhoon in Africa.  A heat wave in July took 90 lives in India.  A typhoon in Japan took 86 lives in October.  In August, a typhoon took 172 lives in China.  In February of 2018, 17 lives were lost in a high school shooting in the US.

ALL of these events (& the many more that happened.) understandably bring about an array of emotions too long to list…lives are effected beyond recognition, economies are effected, people’s livelihoods are effected… entire communities are brought together in solidarity.  The thing is though, in the past, we’re normally hearing about it in the news as a situation happening in another place in the world…. or we’re in the thick of living through a situation in our own country.

But THIS Covid19 pandemic….  we’re ALL IN THIS TOGETHER  (Yes, queue the High School Musical melody) !!  When I communicate with friends in other countries…. they’re experiencing the EXACT SAME THING.  They are ‘safe at home’ too.  They struggle to find toilet paper supplies in stores too…  they are missing their loved ones too… & getting their head around the fact that their kids are also now learning from home.    There’s something about the ‘community‘ of the whole world right now.

We aren’t just empathising or sympathising with someone else going through a tough time…  we’re all dealing with it.. and can be understanding of others feelings like never before.


So, with all this in mind…. I’m really thankful for this time (even with it’s difficulties).  I have had a month of time with my family…. no one is going to school, work, church, socialising or sports…  yes, it’s not always fun & roses…..  but in general, I think it’s a real gift we’ve received.  As I was saying to my husband on our walk n talk last night…. NOTHING that is restricted right now is actually NEEDED !!  As much as I want my nails done… and to sit at a restaurant for date night.. or coffee with my friends….  or walk along the beach…. or watch my son speedskate/play soccer…  we CAN survive without all those things.. especially when we know we’re saving lives by doing without them.

As of yesterday arv, some of the restrictions are beginning to lift.  They don’t seem big ones, but for some, they’ll be HUGE, life changing things.  IVF has been removed from the restrictions, as have cataract surgery & procedures for children….  elective surgeries at certain levels can now go ahead.. things like hip & knee replacements.  It does mean that a whole lot of medical staff will be able to return to work, which is a great thing.

There is literally no way we can ever express our gratitude to those in the health profession… not just the doctors and nurses, but cleaners, receptionists, pathologists.. and so many more.  And to teachers/professors and school/uni staff….  they need our thanks beyond measure for the ‘above and beyond’ work ethic they’re applying to this new challenge.  In only a couple of weeks, they had to learn/create & implement a completely new way of learning.


We can already see the light at the end of the tunnel of this ‘invisible enemy’, as Trump likes to call it…  but I think we should also acknowledge the absolute GIFT that Covid19 gave us.  TIME with our families, APPRECIATION for our health & teaching profession…  the CLARITY we received when we realised what was really important.. and LOVE for each other as we battle the same situation.

Love & Blessings  xox


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Deuteronomy 31:6